I am always excited and energized to take on a new commission- helping to create a special piece just for you. Prices vary greatly depending on the size of your wall hanging, the materials used, and the style of weaving. Depending on the wall hanging you choose, lead time starts at 2 weeks and can go up to 12 weeks. You will receive photos and updates from me directly throughout the process.

A commissioned piece can be designed as a focal point of a new space or designed to fit into an already existing architecture. I am able to make a tapestry as large as 8′ by 15′.

The commission process involves meeting with my client to have a good understanding of their vision and needs. To create a piece that speaks to the client I must have an understanding of the size, texture, color way and space the tapestry will hang in.

Please feel free to look at my past works page to begin the process and find a style that speaks to you. While I can create a similar tapestry as the one you see, due to these being one of a kind and hand made no two will ever be identical.

Please contact Great Blue Fiber directly with your custom inquiry.

Mini Weaving
prices starting at: $150.00


Small Weaving
prices starting at: $225.00


Medium Weaving
prices starting at: $255.00

Large Weaving
prices starting at: $315.00

Large II Weaving

prices starting at: $350.00