Hi! My name is Jenny and I am the hands behind Great Blue Fiber. I make woven wall art, home decor items and jewelry with sustainable and natural fibers. Weaving is one of the oldest surviving crafts in the world and the tradition of weaving traces back 12,000 years! I love the connection I have while working to the history and longevity of this art form. The soothing and deep connection of doing something that has lasted thousands of years, and slowing down to create with intent and purpose adds balance back to my busy life.

I have always been involved in the fine arts, from a young age  and continuing as a student at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD. I continued to pursue painting, photography and ceramics- but once I found weaving I found my niche!  An important part of my journey in my work as an artist and in life is to walk a sustainable path. I use high quality natural fibers and dyes which show through in the finished product.

Each and every item is handmade by me with attention to detail and mindfully created to add bespoke beauty to your space. Each piece is unique in color, design, texture and technique.

Thank you for your support of Great Blue Fiber.